Library and Resource Center
Where you find food for your soul

The Library and Resource Center serves as a resource center for the entire Christian Education program of the church.  Included in the library are DVDs, CDs, books, periodicals, videocassettes, filmstrips, and film-clips, many of which the church membership can borrow for private use after completing a “Borrower’s Application Card.”  The borrowing period is one week, and an individual can only borrow one item at a time.  The Library is in the process of converting the card catalog to an electronic catalog.  In addition to the regular operating hours on Sunday, the Library is open various hours Monday-Thursday and Sunday.  The library sponsors a children’s reading hour, as well as an adult book club that meets in the Library on the second Monday from 7:00-8:00 pm. 

One Assembly Strong In Service

Community Development Corporation O.A.S.I.S., Inc. CDC (One Assembly Strong In Service)