Matthew 11:28
Surface Pressure

Surface Pressure 

Popeye - It's  all I can’t stand I can’t stand no more 

The critical breakign poin is when your attempting to cope with the stuff that is bread you.

When the burdens are so heavy you feel like you’re about to bust. When your leaks are dripping. There is Good News - God has provided all of us with a Holy Invitation. 

Jesus said COME

Come unto me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you REST! 

Experience an experience that you never experienced before. 

An exclusive invitation to the Jesus Party. VIP status with those who are carrying the world on their shoulders.

- those who are tired
- those who are carrying heavy burdens

You’re invited to a place that can take a load off your back. You’re not alone God is with you and you’re invited to the party? RSVP to the invitation